Need an iOS Developer?

I am a Paris-based Developer with extensive experience developing iOS apps.

Besides iOS I also work on cross-platform projects using C++ as well as backend services built using Ruby on Rails or Play Framework.

I love developing Apps and I am always looking for interesting and challenging projects, so don't hesitate to contact me if you're looking for a developer.


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App Development

I have worked on several native iOS applications for clients, including apps providing taxi or real-estate services. Technologies used here are primarily apple frameworks as well as open-source frameworks like AFNetworking.

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Games Development

As an ex-Blizzard employee and indie developer game development comes naturally to me. The games I create are native applications written in languages like C++ or Objective-C whilst using frameworks like cocos2d-x or cococs2d-swift.

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Backend Development

Setting up and managing servers whilst creating RESTful APIs to interact with mobile applications is part of my skillset. Frameworks I use are Ruby on Rails or Play Framework. I also have experience using services like Parse or Pubnub.



I am the founder of the Monthly Paris Indie Game Dev Meetup. Come and join them, if you are in the area.

The meetup is centered around networking and provides an opportunity for anyone currently working or interested in Indie Game Development to find others to collaborate with, or to discuss games and technology, market trends and issues facing the industry.